Mystery Shopping is continuously changing the lives of 1000’s of people. In today’s economy individuals are starting to think outside the box for better, more fun, new ways to make ends meet. Mystery Shopping has been a blessing for many and will continue to be an available option for the right candidate, but it isn’t for everyone.

Get paid to be a mystery shopper. Are you looking to earn some extra cash, or to work part-time doing something fun? If so, you’re not alone. Right now there are many people earning thousands of dollars every month being mystery shoppers. Mystery shoppers get paid $10-$50 per hour. shopping jobs

You may already be self-employed, employed, a stay-at-home parent, unemployed, a student or retired. Mystery Shopping is something that excites your existing lifestyle, but you must be flexible. Many started mystery shopping because they were in hardship situations just trying to make a $20’s here and there.

Little did they know mystery shopping could turn out to be a very rewarding and enriching hobby/lifestyle/profession or Part-Time Fun. Mystery Shopping started back in 1940 and is now a huge part of the Market Research Industry. It is a service used by the top retail outlets, restaurants, bars, cinemas, movie theaters, travel companies, hotels, spas, cruise companies, airlines, amusement parks and leisure organizations.

What Is Mystery Shopping? Mystery shopping is the perfect part-time job for stay at home parents, students, or anyone who doesn’t want to work a 9 to 5. These companies need people like you to be mystery shoppers every day, to let them know if their stores are clean and appealing, if their employees are helpful, and if there is anything they need to improve on. shadow shopper

Mystery shoppers typically work as many as 30-40 hours per week, or as little as a few hours per month. Most of the mystery shopping companies will email you with assignments, and you can choose whether or not to accept them. They work with people nationwide in the U.S., as well as in Canada, the UK, Australia, and western Europe.

You get paid to submit your shopping experiences, and also get their meals, entertainment, products, and services completely free. These are just some of the perks of being employed as a mystery shopper. High pay, work at your own pace & schedule, and most of all you’ll love your work.

No experience needed. Must be 18 years of age or older to apply.

Want to get started? can connect you with assignments right away. Enter your information on the side bar and receive your FREE packet to get more information on mystery shopper jobs.

Mystery shoppers can earn several thousand dollars per month, and taxes are typically not taken out of your paychecks. Chances are, you’ve probably been shopping right next to a mystery shopper before, and you didn’t even know it. Well, now its your turn to get paid! Best of all, you get paid for your time, AND you get reimbursed for the items you purchase!


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